Hello and welcome to my Sailor Moon Collection site! A little info: I started collecting Sailor Moon dolls and items when I was a Freshman in High School. That was in 1998. And I haven't stopped since. I've been focusing on the dolls mostly because I think they are beautiful. :D Have a look around and enjoy your stay! Thanks for visiting. Just a few quick things: The Eternal Moon doll is my first custom. Ever. I know her face is a little strange, but I tried. Also, the other Eternal dolls are Irwin America and I just added on to their outfits to make them Eternals. The Sailor Moon anime, Sera Myu sets, and the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon sets were all made by ME. They are all fansubs, but I put them onto discs, made the boxes to put them in, etc.

Stickers & Cards
Purse, Wands, & Locket
Moon Cycle & Bags
Pillow that I made
Purses (I made the PGSM one on top-The other was bought on Ebay)
Eternal Sailor Moon Clock
Jewel cased set of PGSM & Anime
Other Part of the Jewel Cased set of PGSM & Anime
Close up of Jewel Cases
Close Up of Jewel Cases Part 2
More Jewel Cased anime & PGSM
Jewel Cased Anime Again
Anime Jewel Cases Still
More Anime
Jewel Cased Sera Myu-Part 1
Jewel Cased Sera Myu Part 2
Jewel Cased Sera Myu Part 3
Jewel Cased Sera Myu Part 4
Jewel Cased Sera Myu Part 5
Jewel Cased Sera Myu Part 6
More Stickers
Sera Myu Pictures & Doujinshi
Sera Myu Pictures & Doujinshi Part 2
Sera Myu Pictures & Dubbed DVD Set
Dubbed DVD Sets & Movies
Bootleg Gashapon
More Stickers
Book Bag & Cards
Flat Items like Folders, etc.
More Flat Items
Close Up of Book Bag
Close Up of Fan Made Purse
Dolls Part 1
Dolls Part 2
Dolls Part 3
Dolls Part 4
Dolls Part 5
Dolls Part 6
Dolls Part 7
Dolls Part 8
Dolls Part 9
Newer Pics of Dolls
Newer Dolls Part 2
Newer Dolls Part 3
Newer Dolls Part 4
Jupiter Doll Being Turned into Eternal
Doll Hair Brush
Anime, Manga, & PGSM Sets Made by Me
Close Up of Anime Boxes
Close Up of PGSM Boxes
SM Gashapon & Final Fantasy Figures
Bootleg Sailor Moon artbooks & Twilight Books
Resident Evil & Cirque du Freak Books
Light Up Figures
Luna, Artemis, & Luna Sphere
PGSM Gashapon
Bootleg Gashapon Again
Final Fantasy Vincent Figure & Bootleg SM Gashapon
Dolls Again
Close Up of Dolls
Close up of Different Dolls
Yet Another Different Close up of Dolls
Sailor Moon Cell Phone
Sailor Moon Phone Charm
Back of Sailor Moon Phone