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UPDATE (March 28, 2021)
Long time, no update. I am still around. Distro is still open. BUT I am planning on shutting this domain down in March of 2022. I haven't been getting many emails or orders, and it takes time and money to run the site. I ask that you place any orders you want before then OR copy my email. Or join my facebook page for the distro. Thank you. I will still have the myus available, I just won't have the site/domain.

UPDATE (March 15, 2014)
My site is still online! I haven't updated in a long time, but a lot of stuff happened and I couldn't find my layout coding to update with. XD I have ALL musicals, including the La Reconquista, that just came out in September of last year. ALL MUSICALS are SUBBED, except 1 that is only partly subbed. I am now on Facebook as well!

UPDATE (March 30, 2011)
New layout! Hope you guys like it. The background was made by: AshenSorrow. I just turned it into a layout. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. The distro is still open. :) I can make disc labels for the myu now for $1 extra per disc. I also have a very high quality Sailor Moon Sailor Stars fansubbed DVD set. It comes with a box and 6 DVD cases with case labels and disc labels. Everyone has been pleased with this set so far!!! Please email me with any questions!!

IMPORTANT INFO! (September 5, 2010!) I now have the ability to make Box Sets of the Myu! You get 4 discs in one DVD case with labels and disc labels! Please email me if you are interested!!

Also, SALE! For every 5 myu you buy from me in April, you get 1 FREE! Act now!

More musicals are available!! Go to the Musicals link below and check it out! I also have the entire series of PGSM on 17 dvds! Subbed, of course. Great quality with all the extras and specials! Also includes cast interviews! Hit the Contact Me button to ask about this great series!!

Hi there! Welcome to Usagi's Legend, the Sera Myu fansub distro@Everlasting-Moonlight! Please look at my selection of musicals that are available and hopefully order a few? :) Thanks for stopping in!

All of my musicals are fansubbed by Ken Yuen, Miss Dream, Sailor Moon Fansubs or CoronaVista or live-evil, or they are RAW, which means no subtitles.

All of the information about the musicals have been taken from Eternal Legend and Cruel Angel. Images are from Sera Myu Antics.

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