Silver Legacy

January 23, 2013


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I’ve updated my site! Please take a look as I’ve re-did the main page, character page, and updated all the pages to ch 7 on silver legacy!

I think I should add another section for the shorts that I’ve done….hum..maybe later.

On another note I sent my wacom tablet to be repaired yesterday.  Hopefully it doesn’t take tooo long but in the mean time I’ll try and install my old tablet and see if I can get it to work.  If it does, I’ll start drawing again =).  If not, then its gonna be paper and pencil for a while.

Last night I re-read my doujinshi from start to finish (where I currently am), and I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made regarding my art style.  I think I’ve made lots of improvements but I cant say I love the first few chapters (ahh soo badly done!) and since this is my first attempt ever to draw a comment theres sooo many mistakes (please forgive me!).  I hope I continue to improve as I know I’m still not where I want to be. (cant draw backgrounds, proportions very well…etc).

Lastly, I almosstttt have 2000 watches! (WOOHOO I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!) I’ll draw a celebratory fanart once I hit that number!  Please continue to watch me and thank you all for your support!!!

July 6, 2012


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First off I have been very bad but I promise I am working on silver legacy.  However ive been really motivated lately because…..

SAILORMOON IS COMING BACK!!!   IM FREAKING OUT!!! I woke up at 5 am and checked out moonkitty on youtube and its been confirmed NEW SAILORMOON ANIME 2013!! SO FAR AWAY but thats ok at least its confirmed.  I’m bouncing around at the office like crazyyyy.  its a REMAKE!! I’m PRAYING I wont be dissapointed. The manga and anime both had its good and bad points so I do hope the remake will  loveable and funny yet mature and not kiddish.  If it does well well maybe they’ll recreate all the seasons or make something new???? I’m getting ahead of myself but lets all support it and maybe it’ll happen!!!!! NAOKO PLEASE CONTINUE THE MANGA OR SOMETHING!!!!!!

So…I’ve been wanting to send a fan letter to naoko for years and with the fabulous news I got off my lazy butt to do so!  My friend is translating my letter since she does not read english.  I’ll be sending her fanart of course and maybe short that I’ve done. anyone else have any suggestions what I should send her?  Should I send it to TOEI? man i hope the mail doesnt get lost…i really want her to get it.

OMGG IM GOING CRAZY!! OH yea im also excited about the rurouni kenshin live action movie as well harharharhar soo many things to look forward to!!

oh for those we havent seen my latest short… a lil of my version of mamoru’s POV =) again its my remake so not everything happened and it ties in to silver legacy as well. =) ENJOY!






March 27, 2012

Prince Demande short

 Second mini comic! This was alot of fun to draw and i wrote the script on a whim.  (helps that I’ve been rewatching a bit of the second season).  Demande is by far the hottest sailor moon villian ever! (demando/demande/diamond im not even sure which is his real name.  Too bad he died and didn’t get much air time.  I loved how evil and how misunderstood he was (more so in the anime). Anways everyone knows this scene from the manga/anime.  I’ve always wondered what went through Demandes head when he fell for the enemy.  I took ideas from both the manga and anime but turned it into my own. For those who have read my doujinshi silver legacy this ties into it, so please read it with an open mind.  Some people think Demande will be in my doujinshi but I’m stating again he won’t be in silver legacy.  I didn’t think it’d make sense for him to exist during the silver millennium,  since Demande was from Serenity’s future. 

I also love the fact that he has white hair no shading (darn you mamoru/endymion)!! These comics should only take me a short time to make but this particular short of 7 pages took me 2.5 days.  I work off of inspiration so I can’t possibly draw when I’m not in the motivated.  Silver Legacy should come first but I just had to draw this comic.  I’ll finish ch 6 of silver legacy and move onto 7 as soon as I can!

Until next time



March 20, 2012

Mini comics!

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I’ve never been good at blogging or keeping journals but looking at cockpits site and other fansites has inspired me to draw my own mini comics!


So there you have it.  I promise to start blogging and posting whatever comes to my imagination from here on out.  (Lets hope I keep this up!)

OK…where to begin.  So I’ve always had an idea to do a twist on season one and I still plan on doing it after I finish silver legacy.  That is if I ever finish.  I know its been done and done again but I think i can bring something new to the table.  Sailor Moons now 20 years old and its still one of my favorite child hood shows.  So in a way its a celebratory comic for the 20th anniversary!

I changed the characters look and feel  to fit my taste so I hope no one is bother by the changes.  It won’t be fun if everything remains the same!  On another note I wrote up another mini comic about prince demande!  I probably won’t start working on it until after I get a couple of pages out for silver legacy and i still have other illustrations in mind, but being one of my favorite villians I had to think of something for him!  I wonder what everyone else would like to see me do?  If something sparks my interest I may actually consider doing it.








November 15, 2009


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The last 2 weeks have been crazy!  I’ve been working non stop.  Went to LA for one day for an interview and I just wanted to stay!!! I need a long vacation but what sucks is that I can’t take one! Y?  Cuz holidays are coming up and in the retail industry that means “black out.”  Anyways I reallly need to get chapter one done!!  I’m starting to tone page 8 and sketched page 9.  In the middle I started coloring my fanart of “serenity’s court.”  I used painter tool sai at first but It was not working out at alll.  I guess I still need practice.  I went back to painter and really liked how it looked.

Here just a preview because I’m still coloring.

work in progress

6 days till new moon! =)

November 6, 2009


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Worked sucked major ass today and I’ve been working non stop! argh I hate my life! just kidding…sorta but I got some good sketches in.  Its been a long me since I’ve drawn a group pic.  I’m actually excited to color this but I’m not really looking forward to the longggg hours!!! I don’t know why I added a crown…I think I just wanted some props to enrich the paper.. I was also going to add the moon sword from the manga but then..I got lazy and I think it would of been tooooo muchh…

November 3, 2009


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So I’m currently at work right now and I’m procrastinating!!  I just finished sketching page 7 but haven’t gotten to toning and everything and that’s well..because I don’t have a scanner right now which totally sucks!!!

Anyways I’ve gotten some good ideas from a few people on developing the plot and characters.  So I’m pretty excited about that…just drawing everything is taking soo long.  I want the first chapter to be over already!!

Also as previously stated I’m sooo not a writer…more of an artist soo please feel free to give me suggestions or notify me of my grammatical mistakes in my comic.  I’ve never written fan fiction but I’ve read a few…This comic is for my own pleasure but its also for everyone else who reads it ( if any of you guys do…) ..haha so I do want it to flow better.   I’m going to try and revamp the dialogue of the first 6 pages tonight.  I’m estimating about 4 more pages or 5 till the end of Chapter one.  I want to start drawing Endymion already!!!

on another note..does anyone watch hanasakeru Seisounhen? ekkk i haven’t watched anime in a really long time and I have to say me likey!

comics I’m currently reading are: Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, and Arata Kangatari…

plus.. NEW MOON is almost out! ekkkkkkkkk

October 26, 2009


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I must say I’m very happy with the new illustration! I had an idea and logo for the site so I’m pretty pleased.  There are still a few things that needs to be fixed but that should be up and running soon.  I’m pretty much done with page 5 and I’m starting to do all the toning for page 6. I’m also trying to look up flash tutorials cuz I have an idea for an intro! well what I’m imagining and what I come up with may not be the end results…especially since I know nothing about flash.  But I have an idea and I hope it turns out all right.  It’s going to be a flash intro page to the home page and it will be a little introduction about the doujinshi.  I’ll have to draw ALOT of illustrations though…kinda looking forward to it and kinda not.  Its going to take a lot of time.  I also have an idea of what song I’m going to use…but to be good I should reallllly finish chapter one before I move onto anything else.. I’m estimating 4 or 5 more pages after page 6 to finish off the chapter! O.0

Ahh drawing a comic is really alottt of work! but I’m getting a kick out of it and hope everyone else enjoys it too!!!!


October 23, 2009

first post/test

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Since I’m technically challenged..

I’m testing this out.  Rachel set this up! Thanks Rachel!!

I’ve never been good with diaries but I’ll try and keep this up.

Lets see..I have an idea for a background so I’m currently working on that.  Hope everyone likes it! Its taking super long because of all the details and because I always spend extra attention on the face.  Its the first thing I look at!! Also I’m pretty much done with page 4…just need to add the dialogue but since I’m too excited about my new illustration for the background…its been put in the back burner..

oh yea and I’m writing all this at work haha hope they don’t fire me… (knock on wood).. but seriously thanks Rachel for helping me and for the people who commented on my drawings.  I’ve always been embarrassed and uncertain if I would ever draw a doujinshi…I’ve always wanted to but never got past the first page. And what an improvement! I’m on page 5! Lets just hope I continue.  I have to make sure I take my time with the drawings…and take it slow.  Its especially hard because I’m always anxious to get to the next scene!!!

But yea thanks everyone for watching and I hope this site will grow to be a big one.  And of course all the SM fans who wished Naoko went into detail about the past.

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